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Most business owners know the importance of thinking outside the box for marketing techniques.

Previously we’ve discussed some benefits of using vinyl wrap on your business vehicle, but consider these additional marketing opportunities that have worked for some of our distinguished clientele.

Here are four additional ways that you can go beyond simply advertising the name of your business through your vehicle wrap.

1. Host Simultaneous Events Across Town

Even though you have a vehicle wrap that is boasting the brand of your company, you can still draw crowds in without using a lot of gas and drive time.

Take your newly wrapped vehicle to a specific place where you know that your customers will see you. Then set up a free event such as free morning coffee and donuts. Have plenty of company samples or advertising specialty products to hand out that will draw potential customers in. During the event, make sure that your vehicle is on-site displaying the message that your business promotes to potential clients.

This idea is a great low-cost marketing opportunity for your business that allows you to make the most of your vehicle wrap investment while reaching your current and potential customers.

2. Increase Your Brand Recognition by Wrapping all Business Vehicles

If your team is looking for a unique brand recognition marketing opportunity, consider vinyl wrapping an entire fleet of business vehicles. This method allows you to be in multiple places at once with your wrapped vehicles. You can use the same design or make each vehicle in your fleet unique. We can make your vision a reality with our FREE 30 minute design consultation.

3. Use Vinyl Wraps to Announce New Products

Product launches are extremely important to the success of a business. Products are the heart and soul of your business. When you introduce a new product or line, get the word out so your target audience knows about it fast. It can be challenging bringing a new product to market, and vehicle wraps play an integral part in spreading the word.

You can easily use this form of vehicle advertising on all of your business vehicles to get the word out around town and it can be changed easily when another new product is ready to roll out.

4. Vinyl Wraps Can Change at a Low Cost

With competitive Kansas City businesses constantly looking for alternative marketing opportunities, marketing strategies can change often. Fortunately, vinyl wrap removal is easy when you trust the right professionals. When your marketing calls for it, we can create a new design, set up a removal and new wrap all in the same appointment. Don’t let a shift in marketing make your vehicle wrap design obsolete.

We’ve also found that many companies have let their wrap fade and/or crack. We work with you to bring your design and marketing message up to date.

Streamline Wrap Puts Your Brand in the Right Vinyl Wrap

If you’re ready to take the next steps in your vehicle wrap marketing campaign, Streamline Wrap has just what you need. Our wrap team has the experience, training, and vision to ensure that your next vinyl wrap is one that will meet your marketing expectations. Don’t waste your marketing budget on static billboards that most people just drive by. Get your message and brand seen on a much bigger scale through the work of Streamline. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how to schedule your next wrap! Call 816-459-7552, email or click here to schedule your FREE thirty minute consultation with our design professionals.

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