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7 Common Questions Customers Ask About Vehicle Wraps

Most people have lots of questions when thinking of wrapping their vehicle. Whether business or individual, don’t worry about asking plenty of questions. You should feel comfortable and asking questions helps the project turn out to be a winner and a great investment.

Here are 7 commonly asked questions we receive when working with a customer in our FREE initial 30 minute consultation meeting.

1. What qualifications should I look for in a wrap installer?

When shopping for your wrap professional in Kansas City, picking the right company for your install is paramount for making a great investment. You want to find a company that has a great reputation, an indoor secure location for installation, professional installers, offers a warranty for workmanship and materials, and has great web reviews.

Make sure to check the website and browse through the gallery of completed jobs. This will tell you what types of vehicles they have done and give you a feeling of the companies that have already made the decision to do business with that company.

2. What if my company moves or needs to make changes on the wrap?

Sometimes information such as address, website, phone numbers, etc. need to be changed as a business changes. Even if you want one vehicle changed in a fleet, that is possible. Changes can be made by the installer at your request. Talk to your installer about the specific capabilities the company offers.

3. How safe is my car at your facility?

Our customers and their property is our #1 concern. A reputable car wrap company will store all of their projects inside secure, locked facilities. We pride ourselves on our business security and spare no expense. We want our great work to be admired by you, so we take the extra step to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

4. What type of vinyl should I look to use on my vehicle?

This is one of the most asked questions in the industry. The answer really lies in what it is that you want your vehicle to come out looking like and the longevity of quality you desire. If you are looking for a specialized finish, then consult your wrap professional on available options. We will describe each option available and the pricing differences in our initial FREE 30 minute consultation.

5. How much do window graphics affect the vision from the vehicle?

Vision is generally not a concern except for rain. Make sure to have the discussion about window graphics and rain in your initial consultation if you are thinking of adding window graphics to your vehicle wrap project.

6. How safe is my vehicle’s paint job?

At Streamline, we provide you post installation wrap instructions. If properly followed, your paint job will be completely safe. One of the goals of wrapping a vehicle is to keep the paint pristine until the removal of the product.

7. What happens if the graphic gets damaged?

Most vehicle wraps come with a warranty after services have been performed. If your graphic or wrap begins to show wear or becomes damaged, some or all of the repair may be covered by the warranty.

Make sure to reach out to your installer and find out and understand their warranty process.

Let Streamline Print & Design Help Your Commercial Vehicles Attract and Land New Business! Get a customized wrap to make your commercial vehicle(s) attract the attention that your business deserves. Put your design and brand in the hands of the professionals at Streamline Print & Design.

Call 816-459-7552, email, or click here to schedule your FREE thirty minute consultation with our design professionals.

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