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Design Your Commercial Vehicle Wrap Simple, Clean, and Clear

Many companies are taking advantage of vehicle wraps to make their cars, trucks, vans, and trailers stand out among the competition. With intricate designs and vibrant colors, there is no limit to how you can create a wrap that exceeds your goals and expectations.

As a business owner with one or several vehicles, there are important details to consider when creating the PERFECT commercial wrap design that creates that WOW factor and, SALES!

A Memorable Logo Many times your brand’s logo is the first impression made on a potential client. It’s the entry point to someone recognizing your business. The visual created by the logo adds character and helps people remember your vehicle. Ensure that your logo properly represents your services and specifics of your business

Advertise Your Specialty The goal of a commercial vehicle wrap is to keep it simple and to create sales. Advertising your business specialty doesn’t have to take many words to make your point. A good example is our company vehicle (picture at the top of this blog post). The goal here is to create a WOW factor and a simple statement through our website address that will be easy to remember and drive people to the website. The phone # is on the rear panel to offer another way for them to contact us. The logo and website say it all in quick simplicity.

Potential customers only have so much time to take in your message, so make sure that by the time they’ve seen your vehicle, they have a good idea of what your business is all about.

Put Your Business Name in the Spotlight

Just as important as your logo is your business name. It should be the face of your wrap design. The goal of the size and positioning is to make the drive-by a memorable one for potential customers.

If you use flashy colors to attract attention, make sure that your name sticks out above these colors. Color coordination is paramount when designing the wrap. You don’t want your name to blend into the background color. Your name and logo is the first (and sometimes only) thing that people recognize about your vehicle.

Contact Information, Call to Action Give potential customers an easy way to contact your business if they need your services. Very important in the design process is your phone number and/or website address that people can quickly pick out. It should be a large part of your design. Contact info and your call to action is really what the entire wrap is about. Make it easy for those that need your service to contact you. Let Streamline Print & Design Help Your Commercial Vehicles Attract and Land New Business! Get a customized wrap to make your commercial vehicle(s) attract the attention that your business deserves. Put your design and brand in the hands of the professionals at Streamline Print & Design.

Call 816-459-7552 email or click here to schedule your FREE thirty minute consultation with our design professionals.

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