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Can Your Vehicle Wrap Company Do This?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

When hurricane Dorian threatened the Florida coast, Global Response Team needed a semi-trailer wrapped, and in a hurry. Calling on Streamline Print & Design was the right thing to do. We got the trailer in on Thursday afternoon and it was ready for its journey in just a couple of days. A rush job? Sure. But we have the capabilities to pull a rabbit out of our hat when needed.

Whether you’re brand new to vehicle wraps or have been using them to grow your business for several years, here are a few questions you always want to ask your wrap provider:

1. What material will you be using to wrap my vehicle? Long term quality and durability have much to do with choosing the correct vinyl & laminate. High quality vinyl isn’t cheap, but looks better for longer. We typically use premium Avery or 3M materials for full and partial wraps.

2. Where will my vehicle be wrapped? Many wrap companies don’t have facilities on site. For best quality, wraps must be done indoors in a clean, warm facility.

3. How long will my wrap last? Depending on material used, the expected lifetime of a wrap varies between 3 and 7 years. Discuss the manufacturer recommended durability with your wrap provider.

4. What warranty do you provide? At Streamline, we guarantee our work. Depending on the material, we warranty our wraps for a period of 1 to 5 years.

5. Do you print and install wraps in house, or do you source it out? Companies that don’t print in house can’t control quality of materials or colors. Companies that don’t have install capabilities don’t know how to make sure that proper techniques are used.

Trust Streamline Print & Design to take the time to answer ANY questions you may have. We’ve been wrapping vehicles for happy customers for many years and look forward to adding you to our impressive client list.

On top of that, we offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to go over your project, put it in the computer and work with you through the idea development stage.

We want your business and will work very hard to earn it!

In addition to being able to wrap just about every vehicle imaginable (including toy cars and dune buggy’s), we’re a full service print business and carry a wide menu of products while we focus on personally customized service.

We Serve the Following Business Categories:

· Car decals, wraps, lettering, magnets

· Graphic design of logos, stickers and labels

· Printing of office documents

· Small business marketing tools and supplies

· T-Shirt printing, and other garment printing and embroidery

We’re serious about designing and printing. We provide a great variety and we do it faster than anyone else!

Call 816-459-7552 email or click here to schedule your FREE thirty minute consultation with our design professionals.

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