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Find out the top 10 reasons vehicle wrapping and advertising are on the rise!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Did you know that over 45% of adults that are 21 to 46-years-old don't watch any regular TV programming at all?

For small business owners and marketing professionals, it means adapting, and switching, to new advertising strategies. Newspaper circulation and revenues are down as more people turn to internet streaming to get their news.

But intelligent marketers know the answer. Vehicle wrap advertising can help a business reach an ever increasing elusive audience.

If you think that print, digital, radio and/or TV marketing is the only way to boost sales, consider this.

The trend of covering a residential or commercial vehicle in a vinyl car wrap is rising in popularity. Most consumers and business owners quickly come to understand that a vehicle wrap is a more affordable and creative option compared to painting.

For business owners, the added benefits of branding and having a billboard that moves around the territory displaying your marketing message 24/7 is one of the best investments they will make.

From standard cars to 18 wheelers, the wrap professionals at Streamline Wraps have been able to put our design and innovation to the test on hundreds of vehicles. We’re proud to represent clients such as Sporting KC, Dominos, Blue Beetle Pest Control, Synetic Technologies, and the North Kansas City Police Department as just a few of our growing clientele.

Continue on to find out our top 10 reasons and trends that are guaranteed to get you, your company, and your ride noticed.

1. Options

The options are endless and are limited only by ones creative mind. The color choices for consumers range from plain to bright and brilliant to camo and everything in between. It’s even more exciting for business owners as Streamline has the ability to design, layout, and print in-house giving you the added benefit of knowing what you will be getting BEFORE installation rather than after.

2. Color Changing Car Wrap

The easiest way to show off your style and creativity is to change the color of your car. However, when compared to a paint job, be prepared for depreciation expense, because if you change your mind, the re-painting process can be expensive. Check with Streamline for colors and pricing on a beautiful custom wrap.

3. Fleet Vehicle Branding

If you own a business and have a fleet of vehicles and you want the fleet to have a similar look, make the smart investment move of a vinyl wrap. At Streamline, no job is too small or too large. We are committed to helping our clients make their wrap everything that it needs to be for them. Trucks, cars, RVs, trailers, transit vans, 18 wheelers, box trucks, (and dune buggies!). We’ve done ‘em all!

4. 24/7 Marketing

One of the biggest trends in business today is to market your business on your vehicles. By utilizing specifically designed wraps that display information, logos, etc. about the company, your vehicle serves as an excellent form of mobile advertising. It works for your business all day every day and you will soon see it as one of your best salespersons.

5. Personalized Design

Our car wrap professionals will help you design a wrap that professionally represents your business but doesn’t overcrowd things with too many words and information. Take advantage of Streamline’s FREE 30 minute graphic design meeting with our pro’s.

6. High Return on Investment (ROI)

Because of the low costs and high returns, business vehicle wraps enjoy a huge return on investment. Your ad is running over and over 24/7 to an attentive public audience every time your vehicle is visible.

Unlike the continuous investment of internet ads, marketing content, and traditional media, car wrap advertising brings a return long after you've paid for the investment.

And unlike billboards, your audience doesn't have to look away from the road to see your ad. Your ad becomes part of the community.

7. Easily Identifiable

The importance of having your business identified continues to increase every year. From driving up to a customer’s home to delivering your product to businesses, it shows empathy and professionalism to have you and your employees identified as your company representatives. Consumers are more comfortable dealing with (and referring) an identifiable company.

8. A Competitive Edge for Small Business

The shift in TV watching and streaming platforms isn't bad news for the big corporations. They have the ad budgets to compete on every level. But for small business owners, the different media for investing in marketing is shrinking. Without local papers and local radio/TV ads, it can be a bit daunting.

Vehicle wrap advertising is one place where the cost and the competition are the same. Just like larger corporations depend on vehicle branding to boost their marketing, so can you.

9. Change is Easy

Changing your branding? No problem! Another benefit about vehicle wrap advertising is that it’s easy to change. Their low cost and high ROI means you can change wraps and have a brand new ad campaign out on the street quickly. Want to update your vehicle looks for the seasons or big events, call us and get it done!

10. Get Local

By getting local you can target the audience most likely to use your services and products.

Where do you want to find your customers? Right in your own backyard!

One of the largest challenges of small business marketing is getting your ad in front of your target markets. Targeted ads on radio/TV, the internet, or newspapers makes it difficult to achieve this. Is your target market seeing your ads? You know they are if they see your vehicle(s)!

Contact Streamline Wraps today to schedule your FREE 30 minute design consultation. 816-459-7552

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